Did you overuse your elbows?

Elbow pain may also be due to injuries arising from the elbow joints’ network of nerves, blood vessels and ligaments. On occasion, problems in your neck, shoulder, upper arm, forearm or wrist can also result in elbow pain.

Most elbow pain is a direct result from repetitive and overuse injuries like golf, gardening, and hobbies that require repetitive movements. The source of pain is commonly from tendonitis, bursitis, and/or muscle and tendon inflammation. It severe case, the pain may be due to nerve entrapment in the elbow or the neck. In cases like these may require a nerve conduction test study (NCV/EMG) to find out the origin or pain.

Rest and Ice is generally the best course of self treatment. However, if your elbow pain is recurring, a course of physical therapy may be necessary to strengthen the elbow, forearm and wrist muscle complex.

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