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Strategies To Help You Avoid Pain


  1. Use standing up desk 30% of you work hours and avoid two consective hours of sitting.
  2. Be more aware of your movements and postures that cause pain. 
  3. Develop replacement postures and movement patterns that enable you to function pain-free.  Stabilize your torso, core, and spine to remove painful spine joint micro-movements.
  4. Develop a daily exercise plan that includes walking.
  5. Mobilize and legthen your hips and butt muscles.  Much of what we call "back pain" actually starts because the body is compensating for something that began in the hip area.
  6. Learn exercises that are based on patterns of movement: push, pull, lift, carry, lunge, squat, etc.   This will devleope functional strenghth for your activities of daily living. 
  7. Make healthy spine choices when sleeping, sitting, or engaging in more demanding activities.
  8. Assess your workstation.  Make sure you ergonmics of your desk is set up properly.  Most common reason of back pain styem from reptetive strain injuuies from poor ergonomics.  (refer to ergonomics on RESOURCES)

If you're wondering what you're doing that is causing chronic pain, we recommend coming for a visit and talking to us about it.

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