Are you tired of living with reoccurring pain?

Don't continue to be held back from nagging pain. Manhattan Spine Rehab is the team you need to get pain free today!

We specialize in non-surgical medical interventions and modalities by combining physical medicine, chiropractic, massage, and acupuncture to achive optimal outcome for our patients.  We understand these are unique times and you may be hesitant to visit our Manhattan locations. Rest assure we going above and beyond all CDC guidlines and consistently PCR testing our staff and providers.  Start your journey to a pain-free life, Call or Text for an appointment today!  

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Why Choose Us



We accept most major insurances, and offer flexible payment plans and packages to meet your needs.


We work with your schedule and find appointment times and location that work for you.


Everyone is unique and we treat you that way with personalized treatment plans specifically for you needs.

"Dr. Yen is so helpful with his care, attention and treatment.

He provides suggestions on reducing the pain and is quite helpful. If you want to be free of pain and start that journey, I recommend seeing Dr Yen!"

Danielle K.

"Dr. O'Donohue is the best chiropractor I have ever seen!

She is knowledgeable, compassionate and goes out of her way to make sure her patients are comfortable and get the treatment they need. She never rushes the appointment; she keeps me moving! I highly recommend her and everyone in her office for their professionalism."

-Diane W.

Take Back Control of Your Health

Few things are more frusterating than nagging pain. At MSR we understand your pain and our team of board certified doctors have been helping the people of NYC conquer their pain for over 18 years. 

Take the next step, and start living pain free today!

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We Take You From Living With Pain To Living Your Life.

This is our simple process.
Assess Your Condition

Assess Your Condition

We start with a detailed medical history followed by physical exam by our team of doctors. We then determine if your condition(s) requires any diagnostic imaging prior starting your treatment.
Active Treatment

Active Treatment

Most patients start with conservative treatment with multiple physical medicine modalities on the first visit. If your condition require more invasive medical intervention we have that available on premise as well.
Enjoy Your Life Free From Pain

Enjoy Your Life Free From Pain

You'll finish the course of treatment free from pain, and improving your body's function strengthen. Our goal is allow you to return doing the things you love without any physical restrictions.

Get pain-free because life can't wait!

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