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At Manhattan Spine Rehabilitation we created a “one stop” shop where there is usually no need for an outside referral for testing. We have a team of medical specialists, a state of the art high tech digital X-Ray system, diagnostic ultrasound imaging, neuro-diagnostic testing that will allow our team of doctors to have the test results immediately. To make things even more convenient and “painless” for you, we are open 5 days a week with TWO locations ONE block from major transit hubs. Our office has extended our hours in order to take late appointments on weekdays because we understand the demand and long hours of your job in this city.

At MSR our board-certified doctors work as a team to ensure we treat the condition from a conservative approach first and if needed, have more invasive methods available within our offices with our wide network of specialists for referrals. Our goal is to provide one on one individualized treatment plans for each patient based on an assessment of occupation, lifestyle and activities of daily living.  What's unique at MSR is we take the patient from acute care to wellness care all under one roof offering treatments from CHIROPRACTIC, PHYSICAL THERAPY, ACUPUNCTURE, MASSAGE THERAPY, AND IM=X PILATES!

Our friendly staff will handle all of your insurance needs starting from verifying your insurance (prior to your arrival in the office) to determining the exact limits of coverage.  The benefit of leaving this to experienced professionals saves you time dealing with your insurance and helps avoid unnecessary out of pocket medical expenses. Our offices accept most major medical, personal injury, workman compensation and No-Fault insurances. We also accept non-insured patients, and offer flexible payment plans with credit cards.

Dear Dr. Yen, "Thank you for your kind support for my health"

Ki Ban Moon, Secretary-General of the United Nations

Meet Our Team

Bio%20pic%20 %20gary%20yen

Dr. Gary Yen

  • Doctor of Chiropractic
Dr. chase 200x300

Dr. Karen Chase

  • License Acp. & Naturopathic Doctor
Dr. o 200x300

Dr. Christine O’Donohue

  • Doctor of Chiropractic
Dr orlando 231x300

Dr. Anthony Orlando

  • Doctor of Physical Therapy

Howard Tso

  • Licensed Acp.

Juan De La Cruz

  • Doctor Of Chiropractic


highly recommended!! Very professional, thorough , excellent all around doctor. I’m very happy to have found him.

Esperanza C.

"Dr. Yen is…Welcoming, Concerned, Knowledgeable, Pleasant, Helpful, Insightful, Trustworthy, Outstanding!!!!

 There’s nothing left to say other than… You have to meet him yourself, to feel the full effect of his profession"

– Jocelyn M.

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