Pilates that do more than Pilates.

For more than 16 years, IM=X® Pilates has been an innovator in the pilates, fitness, yoga and back care industries. IM=X (Integrated Movement Xercize) is a new generation of reformer pilates and cardio inspired workouts enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of exercise enthusiasts who proclaim its “immediate results”! Founder, Elyse McNergney, created IM=X to offer a total fitness approach – one that integrates pilates exercises with strength and cardiovascular training.

Joseph Pilates developed the traditional pilates system in the 1930’s. He was an amazing inventor but in the height of his program development he was working with professional dancers not the general “fit” public. He also did not have the advantage of modern science to guide his choices in alignment, muscle recruitment, and stabilization practices. IM=X® Pilates updates traditional concepts and practices reflecting the newest research on fitness and rehabilitation. For this reason, IM=X® has been described as the “next evolution of Pilates”. IM=X® Pilates adds resistance and cardio training so that you can receive all of the benefits in one program. The IM=X® Pilates Reformer (Xercizer) sequences are more fatigue oriented, and the “choreography” focuses on addressing the strength of muscle synergies through innovative program options: Stretch, Cardio, Abs, Upper Body, Lower Body, Interval Training, Pre/Postnatal, and Golf/Tennis. Additionally, IM=X® has other unique programs such as IM=X® Yoga, Ballet Bar, Cycle/Tower, Jog Board and Spinal Fitness.

IM=X is a cross-conditioning system that includes pilates moves but adds resistance training and plyometric jumps for a more athletically oriented workout, so you can tone up and lose inches quickly. IM=X pilates workouts can be tailored towards athletes as well as clients who suffer from back pain, are pregnant, or are looking to lose weight. Examples of such targeted routines are the Lower Body Workout, Interval Training Workout, Stretch Workout, Basics, or the Upper Body Workout. The variation within IM=X makes it possible to address everyone from the “couch potato” to the professional athlete. Its total cross conditioning success! 

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